Austin Powers was right. That’s a Man Baby!!!

Can you believe we are actually arguing over which bathroom to use? Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice are suing the State of North Carolina because they have the nerve to insist that men use the men’ restroom and woman use the woman’s. North Carolina wants this determined by the sex on your birth certificate, not based on what sex you feel you are. The Obama administration and the left in general make statements that say their opinions are facts, the science is settled, all in an effort to squash discussion or dissent. If you feel like you are something, then you are. In the classic fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Anderson a couple of swindlers claim to be tailors who will make the Emperor the finest clothes in all the land. Only the right kind of people can see these fine clothes. They will be invisible to those unfit for their positions, incompetent, or hopelessly stupid. Now of course nobody wants to be thought of as stupid, so all of the townsfolk complimented the wonderful clothes even though they couldn’t see them. The con men tailors were laughing all the way to the bank. This went on until a young child, untouched by public opinion and not afraid of what people would say, cried out “But he isn’t wearing anything at all”. Bam! He exposes the hypocrisy and snobbery and people start to admit that the Emperor was in fact naked. ¬†The left uses the same tactics. Go along with what we say or be branded a bigot, a homophobe, a climate denier, or their favorite, most effective¬†insult, a racist. The PC culture makes people afraid of these labels and they stay silent. Collective ignorance of an obvious fact, or deception, despite undeniable evidence muzzles people.

A prime example of this is Caitlyn Jenner. Large parts of society say Caitlyn is a woman. I say he has XY chromosomes, he has a penis, and he’s attracted to woman. Where I come from we call that a man. In our bizzaro PC world because he thinks he’s a woman, society and the federal government says it is so. Now the Federal government is suing to allow him and men like him to share bathrooms and shower facilities with your daughters. This is clearly a solution in search of a problem. I’m sure in the past men dressed as woman entered the girls room, did their business and left. Nobody was the wiser, but since the left, in the name of fairness and inclusion passed laws mandating it, the problem appeared. Remember the North Carolina law is in response to laws opening bathrooms to all regardless of sex, they didn’t start this. The Feds argue that there are no cases of transgenders assaulting young girls. They may be right, but now if the neighborhood pervert is caught in the girls room he can just claim that he identifies as a woman and he gets a free pass. Other than his word there is no way to prove he does or does not feel like a woman. That is why the Federal lawsuit is a waste of time. Federal law says you can’t discriminate based on sex and North Carolina isn’t. Men use the men’s room and woman use the woman’s room. Common sense, right?

Let’s not let facts get in the way of fairness, diversity and feelings. Rachel Dolezal was born to two white parents, has blonde hair and blue eyes, but add a spray tan and a curling iron and Presto, you have a black woman. She went so far as to lead a local NAACP chapter. When confronted she insisted that she was black. She even lied about her race on an application for the police ombudsman job. In the real world that should be a crime, in the PC world we just ignore it. Then there is body integrity identity disorder. This occurs when an otherwise healthy person feels that they are meant to be disabled, parts of their bodies don’t belong. These people feel the need to amputate one or more healthy limbs or even blind themselves. Paul McHugh, a distinguished service professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University says that transgendering is in the family of this disorder as well as others like anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder. Johns Hopkins pioneered sex change surgery but stopped offering that treatment because it brought no important benefits. You wouldn’t give liposuction to an anorexic because they felt fat. So just to be clear, if I want to cut off an arm or leg I’m mentally ill, but if I want to shave down my trachea and cut off my penis I’m a hero and could even win the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. If one were to call Rachel Dolezal crazy or call Caitlyn Jenner a mentally ill cross dresser they would be destroyed in the court of public opinion. We are afraid to stand up to this nonsense for fear of being labeled a transphobe or a bigot. Truth has become the new hate speech as liberals try to re-define what constitutes a man or a woman, black from white and mentally ill from social justice icon. Elizabeth Warren, a US Senator, said she was from the Cherokee Nation to get an unfair advantage in job applications to various law schools including Harvard. She was listed as a minority faculty member and received a minority teaching award from the University of Pennsylvania. She should be condemned for that lie but instead she is a possible Vice Presidential candidate for the democrats. The only way she’ll be an Indian is if she starts playing third base in Cleveland, but to call her on it is anti woman or anti something or another. It’s just another example of an obvious fact overlooked for fear of being called a derogatory name. I think I know how to stop the lunacy. Just like in the fable, let’s get an innocent young boy to cry out “Hey, why is Bruce Jenner wearing a dress?”.

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