Black lives matter. Blue lives matter more.

Back in the early days of this country, men ventured out to the frontier to stake their claim. They put down some roots, built a little house and tended to the land. Protection was provided by the gun on your side and the rifle on your back. Whatever the threat was, coyotes eating your chickens or an outlaw looking to steal your property or cause harm, you were it. You, Remington and Colt.  As towns formed and populations grew, the people turned to a Sheriff or Marshall. Those men provided some semblance of law but mostly protected property, bank deposits, stage coaches, etc. You were still on your own when it came to personal safety. Over time the sheriffs took on more responsibility and deputies to assist them. Towns became cities and police forces were formed. Citizens entrusted the safety of all of us to these departments. They became a symbol of a civilized and orderly society. People of all ages looked up to and respected the police. They were part of the community and whatever problem you had, the cop on the beat was there to help.

Fast forward to today. The police are under attack from all angles.  From the people demonstrating the deaths of Mike Brown and other people of color killed by police, the race hustlers like Al Sharpton making a buck playing up and exploiting those incidents, and worst of all, liberal politicians  dividing us for their own twisted agenda. Any loss of life is tragic. Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Rafael Ramos, Wenjian Liu, all those lives matter. But we’re not talking about Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu the men, we’re talking about Police Officer Ramos and Police Officer Liu.  Those lives do matter more because they are not merely men, they are symbols of society as a whole.  That uniform represents you, me, our kids, afternoons in the park, high school football games. It represents life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We as a society have made this agreement with them, you keep us safe and we’ll have your back.  This also applies to firefighters and the soldiers who defend our country.  Criminal statutes across the land provide for tougher penalties for assaults on police officers for that very reason.

Back to the anti police demonstrations. Some people are truly upset over the Mike Brown decision (although if they studied the facts and not the false narrative of an unarmed man shot in the back while surrendering, they might not be so angry), but most are just agitators with different grievances jumping on the bandwagon. Look at the videos of the demonstrations and you will see a bunch of spoiled privileged brats cursing corporations while sipping Starbucks and chatting on their Apple devices. Occupy Wall Street ended and they’re on to the next thing. They don’t like the way police deal with the bad guys, they scream racism.  They are misguided in the belief that it’s a fair fight, that the bad guys will play by the rules. It doesn’t work that way.  It is a dangerous world out there and the good people of society need protection. As Colonel Jessep states in the movie “A Few Good Men”, “We live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? YOU?”. He goes on to say “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it”.  That’s the deal we as a society have made, we cannot micro-manage our protection.  Unleash a couple of Mike Browns into their world, take away the cops and see how well it works out for them.  New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio trained his bi racial son to be more careful of the police than the black criminals roaming thru Brooklyn. Political correct nonsense like this is fueling the anti police climate. Why doesn’t he give a call to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose son was just attacked and robbed in front of his home. The problem is, it wasn’t the police that attacked him, it was 3 black thugs (members of the community as the Mayor calls them).

A lot of the protesters and politicians would like to live in a utopian theoretical world where everybody is the same, everyone is equal, and everyone gets a trophy. Unfortunately for them reality sets in.  All lives do matter. Mike Brown was a violent man who robbed a convenience store, roughed up the owner, attacked a police officer while fleeing and lost his life. That life falls way down the food chain in my book.  A Police Officer is killed every 53 hours in this country. Police Officers Ramos and Liu were assassinated protecting you and me. Their lives matter more. Get over it.