There is terrible racism going on in Ferguson, but it’s suprising who it’s against.

On August 9th Michael Brown was shot and killed by Police Officer Darren Wilson. The usual assortment of race baiters and trouble makers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the like, descended on the small Missouri town. They contend that it was another racist white cop killing a poor innocent black kid for no reason.  According to them this happens all over the United States, all based on the color of ones skin. These people make a living promoting this narrative, and they wont hear anything to the contrary.   I believe these day to day confrontations have more to do with the actions of people, and less so their race.  A local New York TV station was asking black men on the streets about their experiences with the police. They asked a bicycle messenger in the Wall Street area, and he replied that he gets stopped all the time, and for no reason at all. When asked if it affects his work, the truth came out. He never gets stopped in the financial district, only in the crime-ridden neighborhood that he resides, and usually when he’s hanging out with his friends.  Sharpton and the crew will have you believe that these neighborhoods are crawling with racist suburban white cops, on a mission to harass and arrest black men, again, for no reason at all.  Could it be the baggy pants hanging off of their butts, the hoodies, the “grills” of gold teeth, the smoking weed and drinking beer?   I’ll tell you which young black men don’t get harassed by the police, the ones coming and going from their Charter, Catholic, or Private schools. They are wearing blazers, crisp shirts and ties, not hanging out on street corners at all hours.  I would think that in such a racist environment they would be stopped at the same rate as the other members of the community. They are not and it doesn’t fit the narrative being peddled by the media and the trouble makers. Personal responsibility goes a long way. Back to Ferguson.  Institutional racism did exist in this country for a long time, from New York City to the Jim Crow South.  Governments large and small, made sure the deck was stacked against black Americans. Some were imprisoned, and some were even murdered. The Constitution is supposed to guarantee equal justice under the law for everybody, but that didn’t happen.  The civil rights movement came along and the playing field started to level, we went so far as to elect a black man President, twice.  Now with the events in Ferguson we can see how far the pendulum has swung in the other direction.  We know from a leaked video that Michael Brown wasn’t the quiet honor student the media was portraying, but rather a violent man who  had just committed a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store.  When approached by Officer Wilson, he assaulted him and allegedly tried to take his gun.  Even with these facts out there the deck began to stack against Officer Wilson. First, Governor Jay Nixon took away the investigation from the local Police Department because they were predominantly white.  They were replaced with the State Troopers led by a black man who would understand the community better.  He went so far as to march with the protesters who were looting and burning the neighborhood to the ground.  Next the Governor called for justice for the Brown family, but not for Officer Wilsons. Finally he called for “Vigorous Prosecution”.  I thought we had due process and a presumption of innocence in this country.  Apparently not if you’re a white cop in the middle of this media fire storm.  The big guns came next, the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder. He is a race obsessed man who soon after taking office called us a “nation of cowards” for not discussing race more.  He entered the investigation stating ” I am the Attorney General of the US, but I am also a black man” declaring racial solidarity with the rioters.  He then stated that he was racially profiled in the past, even when he was a young prosecutor(he did mention that his companion mouthed off to police. What was that about personal responsibility?).  The highest ranking law enforcement officer in the land couldn’t possibly be objective, the white cop is already guilty. Comments like those made by the AG would get him thrown off of most jury pools for being biased, how is possibly going to lead a fair investigation?  Finally comes the President of the United States Barak Obama, the man who was supposed to heal all racial strife in the country, and lead us into a post racial world. He has done the opposite. Though he said he wanted to stay above racial differences, he cant help himself.  First was when black Harvard professor Henry Louis was arrested by Cambridge Police, the President said the police “acted stupidly” even though they were completely justified in their actions. He tried to smooth things over with a “Beer Summit”, hoping to get both side to admit some fault.  Then came his comments regarding Travon Martin, “Travon could have been my son”.  Mr. President, how many black kids in your beloved Chicago could have been your son?  The body count is higher than Iraq and not a word from you, Sharpton, or any of the other race baiters. Could it be because its black on black murder and that’s not the kind of story our main stream media like to cover? There is no white or “light skin Hispanic” villan.  The final insult, is the funeral of Michael Brown. The White House is sending not one, not two, but three representatives to offer condolences to the family.  There are a lot of facts that are still unknown about this case, the one that isn’t is that Michael Brown was a violent felon who had just robbed a convenience store before he was shot by police.  What message are you sending to the country?  We will mourn with the family of a criminal while hanging the white cop out to dry?  It doesn’t help that you didn’t attend the funeral of two star General Harold Greene, the highest ranking officer killed since the Vietnam War, who was killed by an Islamic terrorist.  What are your priorities?  Close your eyes and take all of these facts about the government officials attitude towards the cop and the man he shot, how each of them is being treated, and reverse their colors, black for white.  You would be back in the dark days of this country  when racism was accepted, and the jury was being stacked against the defendant of the wrong color.  My how the pendulum has swung.