Not insisting on assimilation allowed Paris, Brussels and Nice. It could happen here next.

The terror attacks in France were carried out, not by people from far away lands but by French citizens. The Nice attacker was a Tunisian born French citizen and the Paris attackers came from right in the heart of that city.  The blame for these foxes in the hen-house goes directly to the French government itself. France and Europe as a whole consider themselves sophisticated and very progressive. They believe in the very liberal policy of open borders. Everyone is welcome.  This attitude is the driving force behind Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump here in the US. The problems started when all of the immigrants started arriving, Africans, Arabs and Muslims. The people of France really didn’t want them near their homes so they settled them in ghettos out in the suburbs, away from the “real” French people. They were isolated and left to their own devices.  Now many immigrant groups form communities, the difference here is these Muslims communities aren’t integrating into French society at all. Some of these neighborhoods have become no-go zones and non-Muslims are forbidden from entering, Sharia law rules and young men are recruited by radicals right in the open. Police stay away. These areas aren’t officially sanctioned by the French government but they are tolerated. They are actually called “Zones of Urban Sensitivity”, how nauseatingly  PC. The most radical of these immigrants are second generation which doesn’t make any sense at all. The longer you’re in a new country, the more you should become that country, it’s food, it’s language, culture, etc. With the Muslims it’s the opposite. They want their new homeland to conform to them.

In America, during it’s immigration boom, thousands of people poured through Ellis Island and settled in neighborhoods with their countrymen. These communities were isolated, people didn’t interact with the police and relied on neighborhood elders for protection, guidance and help learning about their new homeland. Sometimes they even fell under the control of organized crime. The difference was all of these immigrants wanted to be American. Grandma stirring the Sunday Gravy might not have learned English but everybody else did out of pride and necessity, there was no “press one for English” back then. They adopted our language, food and culture. Their proudest day was taking the oath, pledging allegiance and becoming American citizens. Each successive generation blended into this melting pot and proved the American dream was alive and well.  The Immigration Act of 1924 all but stopped the influx of new people to our shores to help facilitate assimilation. Through the Great Depression and World War 2 we became one nation under God and the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. The liberal mindset couldn’t deal with all of this success and in 1965 the Hart-Celler act put policies in place that would change the demographic makeup of this country. Spearheaded by liberal stalwart Ted Kennedy, this act called for more immigration from Africa, Asia and Latin America and less from Europe. In the name of fairness we opened the door to uneducated, non-Christian, third world people and look at the mess we have now.

Unfortunately today our own elite progressive politicians are repeating the mistakes of Europe. Immigrants are pouring in, some legal, most illegal, with no desire to assimilate. In the name of diversity and fairness we enable this. You can live here, have kids, send them to school, collect benefits and never have to learn English. If you question this you’re labeled  a bigot, racist or anti-Hispanic. I’m not saying these groups are a terrorism threat, but they do tear at the fabric of this country. For the terrorism threat we have to look no further than our own no-go zones. Islamberg, a Muslim community 150 miles north of New York City, founded by Shiek Gilani a Pakistani cleric. He is the founder of Jamaat Ul-fuqra, the planners of the 1993 World Trade bombing, and linked to shoe bomber Richard Reid. He was to be the interview subject of reporter Daniels Pearl who was kidnapped and beheaded. This town has a mosque, it’s own stores and schools and no outsiders are allowed in. There are at least 35 of these compounds across 22 states. In Dearborn Michigan which has the largest population of Muslims in the US, there are constant clashes between Muslims and the rest of the community usually over the citizens not bending to the Islamist’s beliefs.

America needs to wake up or what is happening in Europe will happen here. These communities are petri-dishes of terrorism and must not be allowed to grow. Fear of being called an islamaphobe should not allow Muslim religious beliefs to supersede the US Constitution. From the beginning people came here to become “American”, it was a way of life unlike anything else in the world. People gladly left their homelands, traditions and culture to be a part of this great country. These radical groups don’t want to conform to our great way of life and principles, they want us to conform to theirs which is rooted in medieval times and perverted religious values. As we can see they have no hesitation in using force to achieve their goals and it’s about time we started fighting back.