GOP elites vs. front runner. Been there, done that.

When the candidate started his quest for the White House he wasn’t given much of a chance. After a primary victory or two, people started to take notice but still dismissed the run as destined to fail. After a few more victories the political ruling class realized the candidate might actually win and the attacks began. The charge was led by Governor Romney and he was joined by most of the establishment types. The attacks didn’t work and this outsider snagged the Republican nomination for President of The United States. Donald Trump in 2016? Nope, the year was 1964 and the candidate was Barry Goldwater. The opposition was led by Governor George Romney of Michigan. I guess being a sore loser runs in the family. Goldwater’s rise was born as a response to the liberal policies of JFK that would be continued by Lyndon Johnson. He felt that the people wanted a more conservative approach but the Romney’s and Rockefeller’s wanted to keep the status quo. Sound familiar? The establishment types all turned their backs on the candidate, Nelson Rockefeller went so far as to attack Goldwater at the convention. Sound familiar? There was one noticeable exception, Richard Nixon. The former Vice President stood by Goldwater and campaigned hard for him. The election came and with no party support Goldwater was trounced. Johnson was elected and instituted many liberal policies, the welfare state of “The great society” which we are still dealing with today.  Goldwater was proven right four years later later when the man who stood by him, Richard Nixon, who pounded Romney and Rockefeller in the primaries, won the presidency. The country did want a change and the “Silent Majority” let their voices be heard at the ballot box. Boy were they heard in 1972 when Nixon won 49 states in a landslide victory.

The establishment got their foot back in the door in the wake of the Watergate scandal when Rockefeller was appointed Vice President by Gerald Ford. He was dropped from the ticket in the 1976 re-election campaign in order to appease the next non establishment man looking to wreck the status quo, Ronald Reagan. The elites pulled out all the stops and beat back his primary challenge to the sitting President. History would repeat itself. Ford lost to Jimmy Carter but 4 years later the outsider was elected President and in 1984 Ronald Reagan won 49 states. Sound familiar?

Fast forward to this year, the establishment types, Boehner, Kasich, Bill Kristol, the whole Bush family, apparently haven’t studied history because they are repeating the same mistakes of the past. They just won’t listen to the will of the people. They are so desperate  to hold on to power and wealth, it’s as if they are living in a vacuum. Donald Trump got more primary votes, 14 million, than any Republican candidate in history and increased voter participation by 50%. They think they know better than the American people but they are wrong, just like in 1964 and 1976. In their perfect scenario, Trump will lose the election and things will go back to the way they were. They think the people will forget and the next Republican candidate will be one of the establishment. Paul Ryan, Kasich, or maybe even Jeb Bush or Romney. The people don’t forget, the big wins for the non establishment in 1968 and 1980 prove that. The elites don’t realize that the horse is already out of the barn. They can never go back to an open border policy that gives the Chamber of Commerce an endless stream of cheap labor, terrible trade deals that close our factories in the name of globalism, and endless interventionist wars and nation building. The people won’t stand for it. If Trump does lose, the heir apparent will be someone who shares a lot of his ideas, or someone who has stood by him all along, like Nixon in “68. Maybe Chris Christie, Jeff Sessions or  Mike Pence. Ted Cruz killed his career with that stunt at the convention. You are either with Trump or against him, Cruz tried to have it both ways. He put himself before the country and the party, just like Rockefeller. That damn history again.

The country wants and needs Trump or someone like him and they will get it either this year or in 2020.  “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them”.  The Republican establishment elites apparently haven’t learned their lessons.

Not insisting on assimilation allowed Paris, Brussels and Nice. It could happen here next.

The terror attacks in France were carried out, not by people from far away lands but by French citizens. The Nice attacker was a Tunisian born French citizen and the Paris attackers came from right in the heart of that city.  The blame for these foxes in the hen-house goes directly to the French government itself. France and Europe as a whole consider themselves sophisticated and very progressive. They believe in the very liberal policy of open borders. Everyone is welcome.  This attitude is the driving force behind Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump here in the US. The problems started when all of the immigrants started arriving, Africans, Arabs and Muslims. The people of France really didn’t want them near their homes so they settled them in ghettos out in the suburbs, away from the “real” French people. They were isolated and left to their own devices.  Now many immigrant groups form communities, the difference here is these Muslims communities aren’t integrating into French society at all. Some of these neighborhoods have become no-go zones and non-Muslims are forbidden from entering, Sharia law rules and young men are recruited by radicals right in the open. Police stay away. These areas aren’t officially sanctioned by the French government but they are tolerated. They are actually called “Zones of Urban Sensitivity”, how nauseatingly  PC. The most radical of these immigrants are second generation which doesn’t make any sense at all. The longer you’re in a new country, the more you should become that country, it’s food, it’s language, culture, etc. With the Muslims it’s the opposite. They want their new homeland to conform to them.

In America, during it’s immigration boom, thousands of people poured through Ellis Island and settled in neighborhoods with their countrymen. These communities were isolated, people didn’t interact with the police and relied on neighborhood elders for protection, guidance and help learning about their new homeland. Sometimes they even fell under the control of organized crime. The difference was all of these immigrants wanted to be American. Grandma stirring the Sunday Gravy might not have learned English but everybody else did out of pride and necessity, there was no “press one for English” back then. They adopted our language, food and culture. Their proudest day was taking the oath, pledging allegiance and becoming American citizens. Each successive generation blended into this melting pot and proved the American dream was alive and well.  The Immigration Act of 1924 all but stopped the influx of new people to our shores to help facilitate assimilation. Through the Great Depression and World War 2 we became one nation under God and the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. The liberal mindset couldn’t deal with all of this success and in 1965 the Hart-Celler act put policies in place that would change the demographic makeup of this country. Spearheaded by liberal stalwart Ted Kennedy, this act called for more immigration from Africa, Asia and Latin America and less from Europe. In the name of fairness we opened the door to uneducated, non-Christian, third world people and look at the mess we have now.

Unfortunately today our own elite progressive politicians are repeating the mistakes of Europe. Immigrants are pouring in, some legal, most illegal, with no desire to assimilate. In the name of diversity and fairness we enable this. You can live here, have kids, send them to school, collect benefits and never have to learn English. If you question this you’re labeled  a bigot, racist or anti-Hispanic. I’m not saying these groups are a terrorism threat, but they do tear at the fabric of this country. For the terrorism threat we have to look no further than our own no-go zones. Islamberg, a Muslim community 150 miles north of New York City, founded by Shiek Gilani a Pakistani cleric. He is the founder of Jamaat Ul-fuqra, the planners of the 1993 World Trade bombing, and linked to shoe bomber Richard Reid. He was to be the interview subject of reporter Daniels Pearl who was kidnapped and beheaded. This town has a mosque, it’s own stores and schools and no outsiders are allowed in. There are at least 35 of these compounds across 22 states. In Dearborn Michigan which has the largest population of Muslims in the US, there are constant clashes between Muslims and the rest of the community usually over the citizens not bending to the Islamist’s beliefs.

America needs to wake up or what is happening in Europe will happen here. These communities are petri-dishes of terrorism and must not be allowed to grow. Fear of being called an islamaphobe should not allow Muslim religious beliefs to supersede the US Constitution. From the beginning people came here to become “American”, it was a way of life unlike anything else in the world. People gladly left their homelands, traditions and culture to be a part of this great country. These radical groups don’t want to conform to our great way of life and principles, they want us to conform to theirs which is rooted in medieval times and perverted religious values. As we can see they have no hesitation in using force to achieve their goals and it’s about time we started fighting back.


Austin Powers was right. That’s a Man Baby!!!

Can you believe we are actually arguing over which bathroom to use? Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice are suing the State of North Carolina because they have the nerve to insist that men use the men’ restroom and woman use the woman’s. North Carolina wants this determined by the sex on your birth certificate, not based on what sex you feel you are. The Obama administration and the left in general make statements that say their opinions are facts, the science is settled, all in an effort to squash discussion or dissent. If you feel like you are something, then you are. In the classic fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Anderson a couple of swindlers claim to be tailors who will make the Emperor the finest clothes in all the land. Only the right kind of people can see these fine clothes. They will be invisible to those unfit for their positions, incompetent, or hopelessly stupid. Now of course nobody wants to be thought of as stupid, so all of the townsfolk complimented the wonderful clothes even though they couldn’t see them. The con men tailors were laughing all the way to the bank. This went on until a young child, untouched by public opinion and not afraid of what people would say, cried out “But he isn’t wearing anything at all”. Bam! He exposes the hypocrisy and snobbery and people start to admit that the Emperor was in fact naked.  The left uses the same tactics. Go along with what we say or be branded a bigot, a homophobe, a climate denier, or their favorite, most effective insult, a racist. The PC culture makes people afraid of these labels and they stay silent. Collective ignorance of an obvious fact, or deception, despite undeniable evidence muzzles people.

A prime example of this is Caitlyn Jenner. Large parts of society say Caitlyn is a woman. I say he has XY chromosomes, he has a penis, and he’s attracted to woman. Where I come from we call that a man. In our bizzaro PC world because he thinks he’s a woman, society and the federal government says it is so. Now the Federal government is suing to allow him and men like him to share bathrooms and shower facilities with your daughters. This is clearly a solution in search of a problem. I’m sure in the past men dressed as woman entered the girls room, did their business and left. Nobody was the wiser, but since the left, in the name of fairness and inclusion passed laws mandating it, the problem appeared. Remember the North Carolina law is in response to laws opening bathrooms to all regardless of sex, they didn’t start this. The Feds argue that there are no cases of transgenders assaulting young girls. They may be right, but now if the neighborhood pervert is caught in the girls room he can just claim that he identifies as a woman and he gets a free pass. Other than his word there is no way to prove he does or does not feel like a woman. That is why the Federal lawsuit is a waste of time. Federal law says you can’t discriminate based on sex and North Carolina isn’t. Men use the men’s room and woman use the woman’s room. Common sense, right?

Let’s not let facts get in the way of fairness, diversity and feelings. Rachel Dolezal was born to two white parents, has blonde hair and blue eyes, but add a spray tan and a curling iron and Presto, you have a black woman. She went so far as to lead a local NAACP chapter. When confronted she insisted that she was black. She even lied about her race on an application for the police ombudsman job. In the real world that should be a crime, in the PC world we just ignore it. Then there is body integrity identity disorder. This occurs when an otherwise healthy person feels that they are meant to be disabled, parts of their bodies don’t belong. These people feel the need to amputate one or more healthy limbs or even blind themselves. Paul McHugh, a distinguished service professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University says that transgendering is in the family of this disorder as well as others like anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder. Johns Hopkins pioneered sex change surgery but stopped offering that treatment because it brought no important benefits. You wouldn’t give liposuction to an anorexic because they felt fat. So just to be clear, if I want to cut off an arm or leg I’m mentally ill, but if I want to shave down my trachea and cut off my penis I’m a hero and could even win the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. If one were to call Rachel Dolezal crazy or call Caitlyn Jenner a mentally ill cross dresser they would be destroyed in the court of public opinion. We are afraid to stand up to this nonsense for fear of being labeled a transphobe or a bigot. Truth has become the new hate speech as liberals try to re-define what constitutes a man or a woman, black from white and mentally ill from social justice icon. Elizabeth Warren, a US Senator, said she was from the Cherokee Nation to get an unfair advantage in job applications to various law schools including Harvard. She was listed as a minority faculty member and received a minority teaching award from the University of Pennsylvania. She should be condemned for that lie but instead she is a possible Vice Presidential candidate for the democrats. The only way she’ll be an Indian is if she starts playing third base in Cleveland, but to call her on it is anti woman or anti something or another. It’s just another example of an obvious fact overlooked for fear of being called a derogatory name. I think I know how to stop the lunacy. Just like in the fable, let’s get an innocent young boy to cry out “Hey, why is Bruce Jenner wearing a dress?”.

I’m for Donald Trump because he’s not “Them”

I cast my first vote for president for Ronald Reagan, followed by George H.W. Bush and then Ross Perot ( I always did believe we needed a businessman in charge). Over the years I backed numerous candidates who lost in the primaries, but supported the eventual nominee of the Republican party. That was the case in 2008. Although I wasn’t thrilled with him, I backed John McCain and was disappointed with the lackluster campaign he ran. When Barack Obama won and started fundamentally changing America, something he campaigned on, politicians like McCain, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell stood idly by and let it happen. People were angry and the Tea Party movement was born. They advocated strict adherence to the US Constitution, reducing government spending and taxes, and reduction of the national debt and deficit. These positions were right in line with the Republican party beliefs, or so they said.. The 2010 elections were held and it was a landslide. The Tea Party message was heard loud and clear. The Republicans took control of the House of Representatives and John Boehner would be the new speaker. Some of the terrible Obama policies would be de-funded, it was a time for optimism. Only nothing happened, in fact it was the opposite. Establishment politicians like McCain, Lindsey Graham and Boehner not only did nothing, they turned on the very people who gave them a majority. While the democrats called the tea party freshman congressmen racist, the republican establishment called them troublemakers and blamed them for the gridlock because they wouldn’t go along with business as usual. “We can’t do anything to stop Obama till we win the Senate” was what they said as they funded every liberal program that came down the pipe. They held the power of the purse and could have de-funded anything, but chose the status quo. That’s when I started to realize the fix was in and the establishment of the party wasn’t looking out for me. I changed my party affiliation to independent and even ran for local office, but that’s a story for another day. Fast forward to 2014, the republicans won the senate and surprise, nothing changed.

Which brings us to Donald Trump. His rise is born of the anger people feel toward the government in general and the republican establishment specifically. They made promises and didn’t keep them. They asked for our money and support  to put them in office and showed nothing but disdain for us when they got there. Is Donald Trump the perfect candidate? No. He’s a little brash and not always presidential. I don’t care. He’s somewhat vague on his policies. I don’t care. He hasn’t always been a staunch conservative. I. Don’t. Care. Things must change. The establishment on both sides of the aisle want to keep the status quo and squash any outsiders. Bernie Sanders has won eight contests in a row and falls further behind Hillary Clinton because of super delegates, democratic party insiders who vote the way they want, the people be damned.  The DC elite say they oppose Trump because he’s not a true conservative. You mean like John Boehner who rolled over and refused to fight on any issue important to the people? How about Paul Ryan who in his first act as new speaker passed an omnibus spending bill that funded everything him and other true conservative claim to oppose. With foreign policy, a Trump victory would be a repudiation of all of their misguided forays into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen that seem to never end.

All the establishment is worried about is self preservation, not beating the democrats. Win, lose, or draw, their world is unchanged as long as the players are the same. If an outsider like Trump wins, game over for them. They want to hold on to power, money and connections. They say they’re against illegal immigration, but they are beholden to the Chamber of Commerce who loves the cheap labor. They say they oppose Obamacare but their donors in the medical and drug industries get rich off of it and in turn donate to the very people who write the laws making them rich.  All of the lobbyists,” think tank” types and talking heads like Karl Rove don’t care who wins. Their position as “people in the know” stays constant. Trump would shake all of that up, their access and credibility gone along with most of their jobs. A Trump presidency wouldn’t have a former presidents wife as Secretary of State, a politically connected tax cheat as Secretary of the Treasury, and as his replacement, a bailout profiteer. You would have business people with real world experience in solving problems, not political hacks who have a favor coming their way.

Donald Trump’s lack of political experience doesn’t faze me. He’s a businessman who will surround himself with the best and the brightest in each department and get the job done.  He will secure our borders, overturn bad trade deals that are killing our manufacturing base, and  stop getting involved in far away places that have nothing to do with our national interests. His way of thinking, that the establishment calls extreme, is actually quite mainstream. It is what the people want, the old way of thinking is over. Could he fail? Sure. He might be a disaster, but I don’t care. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The results we are getting now are terrible. $19 Trillion in debt and counting. I will take my chances with Donald Trump, someone new with a different skill set than the same old politicians we have running things now. The establishment says “Never Trump”, I say anyone but them. It’s amazing how they can team up to stop Trump in a matter of days when their necks are on the line, but have been unable to stop any of Obama’s policies in 7 1/2 years. The establishment won’t go down without a fight, their world depends on it, but they must go down, our country depends on it.

Black lives matter. Blue lives matter more.

Back in the early days of this country, men ventured out to the frontier to stake their claim. They put down some roots, built a little house and tended to the land. Protection was provided by the gun on your side and the rifle on your back. Whatever the threat was, coyotes eating your chickens or an outlaw looking to steal your property or cause harm, you were it. You, Remington and Colt.  As towns formed and populations grew, the people turned to a Sheriff or Marshall. Those men provided some semblance of law but mostly protected property, bank deposits, stage coaches, etc. You were still on your own when it came to personal safety. Over time the sheriffs took on more responsibility and deputies to assist them. Towns became cities and police forces were formed. Citizens entrusted the safety of all of us to these departments. They became a symbol of a civilized and orderly society. People of all ages looked up to and respected the police. They were part of the community and whatever problem you had, the cop on the beat was there to help.

Fast forward to today. The police are under attack from all angles.  From the people demonstrating the deaths of Mike Brown and other people of color killed by police, the race hustlers like Al Sharpton making a buck playing up and exploiting those incidents, and worst of all, liberal politicians  dividing us for their own twisted agenda. Any loss of life is tragic. Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Rafael Ramos, Wenjian Liu, all those lives matter. But we’re not talking about Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu the men, we’re talking about Police Officer Ramos and Police Officer Liu.  Those lives do matter more because they are not merely men, they are symbols of society as a whole.  That uniform represents you, me, our kids, afternoons in the park, high school football games. It represents life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We as a society have made this agreement with them, you keep us safe and we’ll have your back.  This also applies to firefighters and the soldiers who defend our country.  Criminal statutes across the land provide for tougher penalties for assaults on police officers for that very reason.

Back to the anti police demonstrations. Some people are truly upset over the Mike Brown decision (although if they studied the facts and not the false narrative of an unarmed man shot in the back while surrendering, they might not be so angry), but most are just agitators with different grievances jumping on the bandwagon. Look at the videos of the demonstrations and you will see a bunch of spoiled privileged brats cursing corporations while sipping Starbucks and chatting on their Apple devices. Occupy Wall Street ended and they’re on to the next thing. They don’t like the way police deal with the bad guys, they scream racism.  They are misguided in the belief that it’s a fair fight, that the bad guys will play by the rules. It doesn’t work that way.  It is a dangerous world out there and the good people of society need protection. As Colonel Jessep states in the movie “A Few Good Men”, “We live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? YOU?”. He goes on to say “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it”.  That’s the deal we as a society have made, we cannot micro-manage our protection.  Unleash a couple of Mike Browns into their world, take away the cops and see how well it works out for them.  New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio trained his bi racial son to be more careful of the police than the black criminals roaming thru Brooklyn. Political correct nonsense like this is fueling the anti police climate. Why doesn’t he give a call to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose son was just attacked and robbed in front of his home. The problem is, it wasn’t the police that attacked him, it was 3 black thugs (members of the community as the Mayor calls them).

A lot of the protesters and politicians would like to live in a utopian theoretical world where everybody is the same, everyone is equal, and everyone gets a trophy. Unfortunately for them reality sets in.  All lives do matter. Mike Brown was a violent man who robbed a convenience store, roughed up the owner, attacked a police officer while fleeing and lost his life. That life falls way down the food chain in my book.  A Police Officer is killed every 53 hours in this country. Police Officers Ramos and Liu were assassinated protecting you and me. Their lives matter more. Get over it.

There is terrible racism going on in Ferguson, but it’s suprising who it’s against.

On August 9th Michael Brown was shot and killed by Police Officer Darren Wilson. The usual assortment of race baiters and trouble makers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the like, descended on the small Missouri town. They contend that it was another racist white cop killing a poor innocent black kid for no reason.  According to them this happens all over the United States, all based on the color of ones skin. These people make a living promoting this narrative, and they wont hear anything to the contrary.   I believe these day to day confrontations have more to do with the actions of people, and less so their race.  A local New York TV station was asking black men on the streets about their experiences with the police. They asked a bicycle messenger in the Wall Street area, and he replied that he gets stopped all the time, and for no reason at all. When asked if it affects his work, the truth came out. He never gets stopped in the financial district, only in the crime-ridden neighborhood that he resides, and usually when he’s hanging out with his friends.  Sharpton and the crew will have you believe that these neighborhoods are crawling with racist suburban white cops, on a mission to harass and arrest black men, again, for no reason at all.  Could it be the baggy pants hanging off of their butts, the hoodies, the “grills” of gold teeth, the smoking weed and drinking beer?   I’ll tell you which young black men don’t get harassed by the police, the ones coming and going from their Charter, Catholic, or Private schools. They are wearing blazers, crisp shirts and ties, not hanging out on street corners at all hours.  I would think that in such a racist environment they would be stopped at the same rate as the other members of the community. They are not and it doesn’t fit the narrative being peddled by the media and the trouble makers. Personal responsibility goes a long way. Back to Ferguson.  Institutional racism did exist in this country for a long time, from New York City to the Jim Crow South.  Governments large and small, made sure the deck was stacked against black Americans. Some were imprisoned, and some were even murdered. The Constitution is supposed to guarantee equal justice under the law for everybody, but that didn’t happen.  The civil rights movement came along and the playing field started to level, we went so far as to elect a black man President, twice.  Now with the events in Ferguson we can see how far the pendulum has swung in the other direction.  We know from a leaked video that Michael Brown wasn’t the quiet honor student the media was portraying, but rather a violent man who  had just committed a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store.  When approached by Officer Wilson, he assaulted him and allegedly tried to take his gun.  Even with these facts out there the deck began to stack against Officer Wilson. First, Governor Jay Nixon took away the investigation from the local Police Department because they were predominantly white.  They were replaced with the State Troopers led by a black man who would understand the community better.  He went so far as to march with the protesters who were looting and burning the neighborhood to the ground.  Next the Governor called for justice for the Brown family, but not for Officer Wilsons. Finally he called for “Vigorous Prosecution”.  I thought we had due process and a presumption of innocence in this country.  Apparently not if you’re a white cop in the middle of this media fire storm.  The big guns came next, the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder. He is a race obsessed man who soon after taking office called us a “nation of cowards” for not discussing race more.  He entered the investigation stating ” I am the Attorney General of the US, but I am also a black man” declaring racial solidarity with the rioters.  He then stated that he was racially profiled in the past, even when he was a young prosecutor(he did mention that his companion mouthed off to police. What was that about personal responsibility?).  The highest ranking law enforcement officer in the land couldn’t possibly be objective, the white cop is already guilty. Comments like those made by the AG would get him thrown off of most jury pools for being biased, how is possibly going to lead a fair investigation?  Finally comes the President of the United States Barak Obama, the man who was supposed to heal all racial strife in the country, and lead us into a post racial world. He has done the opposite. Though he said he wanted to stay above racial differences, he cant help himself.  First was when black Harvard professor Henry Louis was arrested by Cambridge Police, the President said the police “acted stupidly” even though they were completely justified in their actions. He tried to smooth things over with a “Beer Summit”, hoping to get both side to admit some fault.  Then came his comments regarding Travon Martin, “Travon could have been my son”.  Mr. President, how many black kids in your beloved Chicago could have been your son?  The body count is higher than Iraq and not a word from you, Sharpton, or any of the other race baiters. Could it be because its black on black murder and that’s not the kind of story our main stream media like to cover? There is no white or “light skin Hispanic” villan.  The final insult, is the funeral of Michael Brown. The White House is sending not one, not two, but three representatives to offer condolences to the family.  There are a lot of facts that are still unknown about this case, the one that isn’t is that Michael Brown was a violent felon who had just robbed a convenience store before he was shot by police.  What message are you sending to the country?  We will mourn with the family of a criminal while hanging the white cop out to dry?  It doesn’t help that you didn’t attend the funeral of two star General Harold Greene, the highest ranking officer killed since the Vietnam War, who was killed by an Islamic terrorist.  What are your priorities?  Close your eyes and take all of these facts about the government officials attitude towards the cop and the man he shot, how each of them is being treated, and reverse their colors, black for white.  You would be back in the dark days of this country  when racism was accepted, and the jury was being stacked against the defendant of the wrong color.  My how the pendulum has swung.